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4 accessories that every Dubai mens clothing stores should provide

Modern fashion industry has achieved a lot when it comes to men’s fashion. Today, the male demographic in high profile corporate sectors have moved to custom made shirts and suits. There are a number of Dubai mens clothing stores that provide the best options that will match their requirements.

Men’s fashion is incomplete without accessories. These add-ons can be found from the experts who design tailor made suits in Dubai. Here are some of the suggested accessories that men should consider while getting a suit made –

Neckties – How good is a suit is if there is no necktie. The suit can be as stylish and elegant as one can get it designed but without the necktie its charm will be lost. A stylish necktie with traditional designs like grids or stripes would match the suit perfectly. You should always choose a tie that complements the color of your suit.

Pocket squares – Many Dubai mens clothing stores offer a range of pocket squares. These pocket squares can come in various colours and add personality to your suit. You should always select a pocket square is by letting it complement the style or color of the tie. Pocket Square gives a new twist to your corporate persona. It is not necessary that pocket square and ties are matching but the design should be identical and none should overshadow each other.

Tie clips – Tie clips add a sleek touch to your suit’s style. They are often purchased for practical reasons. Tie clips keep your ties from creasing and let your attire stay in order.

Watch – An elegant and classy wrist watch elevates your persona. While they are a great choice, one should avoid sports watch.

Royal Fashion offers the best bespoke tailor made suits in Dubai. For more details contact our team of experts.

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