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Essential Men’s Shirt Summer Fabrics

The changing seasons come with a shift in a man’s wardrobe as well. Dressing well in the summer can be a tricky business. While casual shorts and T-shirts have their own place in the wardrobe, classic formals demand crisp long-sleeve shirts and pants. These are the staples of an elegant wardrobe, no matter how hot it may be. Opt for lighter, airy fabrics in pastels and brighter colours. How to choose best fabric in humid weather? Here is a list of some essential men’s shirt fabric for the summer season for when you visit men’s tailor in Dubai

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Men’s Shirt Summer Fabrics
1. Lightweight Cotton

The most comfortable men’s shirt fabric is without a doubt lightweight cotton. Many men’s tailors in Dubai widely promote this mens shirt summer fabric as it is a naturally breathable material. Most of the dress shirts are made with lightweight cotton material. Cotton has breathable and absorbent properties, nearly 75% of men’s clothing contains cotton.

2. Linen

Linen is considered as the quintessential summer cloth. This breathable fabric is one of the oldest fabrics made from fibers of the flax plant. The only complaint about linen is that it wrinkles easily due to the nature of linen as it is a long staple material i.e. the individual fibers happen to be longer and don’t bend as easily, which naturally leads to visible folds. However, the more you wash your linen clothes the softer it gets.

3. Wool

Are you surprised to find wool in the list of men’s shirt fabric for the summer? But it happens to be the traditional choice for many classic men’s garments. There are several best fabric for summer weather wool which were developed to suit the high temperatures of the summer. So, wool will typically be cooler in an open weave fabric rather than a tightly woven fabric. The fabric to look out for is Tropical & Fresco, which is a type of wool fabric which suits the warmer weather. If you hold up this fabric against the light, you will be able to see the light coming through the open weave. However, you must know that it is not a soft fabric but it gives a good structure especially for pants, suits, and jackets.

There are two things you must consider while choosing men’s shirt fabric for summer months are the weight and the weave of the fabric. The fabric should be lightweight and open-weave fabrics as they have many benefits. However, you must experiment with your clothing and style, a guide to see which materials you prefer and help you stay cool during the hotter months. If you don’t try the new fabrics available in the market today, you will never know if they are better than the ones you are already wearing. Choosing the right men’s cotton fabric shirt for summer will only help you look dapper even in the summer months. Which fabrics will you opt for this summer?

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