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Four reasons why designer suits are expensive

Grooms, choosing for themselves a suit, see the variety of colors, patterns, fabrics and, of course, prices. Often the price becomes the main factor of choice. Suits are expensive and not very. Perhaps, still someone holds the opinion that the high price is the whim of the seller, however, the COST is always due. We single out at least four points proving to us that here “dearly” is equal to “qualitatively.”

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What does the cost of a suit depend on?

1. From the collection- there is a basic line, limited or premium. Basic costumes – those that are always in the line and are repeated from collection to collection. Even if such a model is not available now, the store can make an additional order – the men’s tailor Dubai always has basic costumes in stock! If the costume is from a limited collection, its cost is higher in proportion to the uniqueness of the model. Limited costumes are chosen for the fact that they are more interesting, individual and not repeated in the future.

2. From the price of the fabric used. The big difference is whether the manufacturer buys natural wool, blended (with the addition of artificial or synthetic fibers) or 100% polyester. The polyester suit is, of course, temptingly cheap, but in wedding photos, it will shine mercilessly, even if the shooting was done with good photo equipment.

3. From the manufacturing process. The more steps involved in tailoring a suit in Dubai men’s clothing stores, the more expensive it is, respectively. More equipment is involved in the production, more workers, more time spent on this thing. The reverse is also true – the higher the cost of the costume, the more difficult the technological process of tailoring the costume was.

4. The number of parts that make up the costume. Visually determine how many of them are difficult for a non-professional. However, this factor is of paramount importance- for example, an atelier disassembles a suit in order to fit it according to your figure. High-quality costumes always consist of many parts, they are easy to disassemble and assemble, but cheap costumes cannot be well adjusted to fit the body, subject to some kind of refinement.

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