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Guide: how to associate your shirts and ties

This is a question that many men ask every morning.

Two situations are often repeated: either you have too many choices and you do not know which association to opt for, or you really do not know how to obtain a convincing result. Yes, colors and patterns are a sensitive subject. And when it comes to associating them, we take risks positively. But do not panic, we thought of you. Here’s a guide to how to pair shirts and ties.

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Shirt and tie combinations

Every man must have at least three shirt colors: white, light blue and pink.

Ties to associate with a white shirt

The shirt is to men what the black dress is to women: an essential and timeless. It can be worn in all contexts: office, event, outing, daily, etc. The advantage is that with it, you can wear all the ties in Dubai you want. Club, striped, tartan, united, knit everything is possible. The white shirt is just the perfect tool to get out of the cupboard your most original neckties (without being in bad taste, of course), you can wear them without risking the misstep.

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Ties to associate with a light blue shirt

Blue shirts (like roses) are an opportunity to prove that you know how to associate colors. The light blue hues work well with cravats of a rather bright color, patterned or textured. The orange color is complementary (i.e., it is opposed to blue). If you feel that an orange tie is motivating you, go for a dark orange.

Ties to associate with a pink shirt

It is not only the Stade Toulousain who wears pink. This color has indeed spread through the male dressing, and this is good news. The colors similar to pink are purple and purple so that you can choose one of these two choices in a darker shade, and you will not take any chances. Green is a complementary color; the khaki will be well suited.

Ties to wear with a Black shirt

Black colored men’s shirt fabric have made a comeback in the male wardrobe in recent years. The problem is that black does not appear on the color wheel. Contrary to popular belief, black is not a color: it is a hue, like white. For this reason, the only tie that could be worn with this shirt should be black too.

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