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Why Sartorial Blunders Still Happen In Tailored Made Suits

The actual fault lies in the mistaken conviction that the mere act of donning tailored made suits would automatically make an ordinary man, The Gentleman. Everyone want tailor-made suits Dubai. If you are a resident of Dubai and in search of tailor-made the suit for your special day then Dubai men’s clothing stores are providing their best service in the same.

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Unfortunately, that is not always the case. The clothes may make a man; that truth may hold fast to a certain extent, but a man can likewise ‘un unmake his clothes.

And so, it should not be surprising that despite the impeccable and precise craftsmanship of one’s custom made suite it, there are still those who can inexplicably manage to commit common sartorial blunders.

Or perhaps, the real culprit here is the lingering rebellion that continues to lurk in the hearts of some men: a romantic nostalgia honouring carefree and device-may-care attitude of one’s teenage years; a kind of in your face stance against the expectations of high society.

So, a gentleman, perhaps in defiance of the so-called proper decorum in society and all its sartorial expectations, would deliberately wear a pair of sneakers with his thousand dollar custom suit.

These types of gentlemen, especially movie stars and famous celebrities, had it in their heads that somehow they have earned the privilege to monkey around in some way with their monkey-suit perfection.

Often enough, these men flaunt their rogue nature by wearing silly improvisations such as styling their tailored made suits with frock coats, or wearing open necked shirts sans the requisite neck ties, donning a cartoon character neck tie, or putting on a cowboy hat and boots.

Part of the reason for this propensity to monkey around is that deep within one’s heart, there is that feeling of not wanting to sell out to the dictates of the society.
After all, a man no matter his age does not even feel he belongs to that “old generation” because that term would always belong to his parents.

In this sense, a gentleman – to show his contempt on people blindly obeying the dictates of the fashion society – would gladly and deliberately commit sartorial digression, not blunders, as he would proudly say.

Unfortunately, in some cases it is not even about wanting to assert their rebellious streak every now and then. Any gentleman who would wear his pants too long and allow it to form a puddle on his shoes is merely committing a fashion faux pas. And quite surprisingly, many men are unaware of this sartorial blunder.

But for some men, there is no such thing as committing sartorial blunders with their elegant tailored made suits being accompanied by their quirky and uncommon styling habits. It is just how they want their cookie to crumble.

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