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5 Types Of Bespoke Tailor Made Suits That Everyone Should Have

The truth be told, it is very important to have a good closet bottom to safely face the day to day and have room for maneuver in case something unexpected happens with our wardrobe. People who normally wear suits to perform their daily tasks consider that having a good closet fund means having the 10 most required suits. But to begin with, the five most important ones are:

Bespoke Tailor Made - Royal Fashion

Charcoal Gray Bespoke Tailor Made Suit

It is the basic custom-made suit par excellence. In this case, replacing the typical black suit that, in my opinion, is more advisable to wear bespoke tailor made suits at events and celebrations than in day to day. The Charcoal Gray Suit reflects the seriousness that the black suit could reflect but give it a more modern touch.

Premium Blue Suit

It is a suit that we can wear to face the day to day tasks and also to face events such as weddings or various celebrations; men’s tailor Dubai will always guarantee us to give a perfect image. In addition, it is also highly recommended for its ease in the combination.

Basic Gray Suit

The third suit to measure is the Basic Gray Suit, a model very similar to the first but with a lighter shade. A classic more oriented to dress in day to day but with admirable versatility at the time of combining as, apart from being able to combine with shirts to measure light tone, can be combined with darker tonality shirts due to the light gray of the suit.

Dark Gray Premium Outfit with Fine Stripe

The time has come to introduce into our cabinets the first tailored suit with a thin stripe made by men’s tailor Dubai. In this case, we wanted to recommend a black suit with the peculiarity of this thin stripe that dresses the whole suit and allows you to give it a joy that with a solid fabric cannot be achieved.

Prince of Wales brown suit

Although many people do not think it necessary to wear a plaid suit for fear of not wanting to convey the desired, thanks to our fine picture of Welsh everyone can wear a bespoke tailor made suit without having to highlight too much but offering a distinctive touch of elegance that few can show.

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